Obama For Facebook

Rarely have I been so excited about a US presidential election, but the Obama – McCain spar has piqued my interest for a number of reasons:


  1. Old School vs. New School – a 47 year old candidate versus a 72 year old candidate, one talking about change, the other talking about reform
  2. ‘Attack’-style political campaigning on both sides
  3. The completely different backgrounds of both the presidential and vice-presidential candidates
  4. The role of the blogosphere has played in digging deep into political spin and doing investigative reporting that the mainstream outlets wouldn’t touch (Sarah Palin’s emails, anyone?)
  5. The role of the Internet in political campaigning

I won’t write a massive post on how Obama has phenomenally harnessed the power of the Internet for campaigning and fundraising. What I’m really interested in right now is his new Facebook application and how he’s using it to register voters.

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Becoming Internet Famous

In my zeal to ‘raise my external profile’ (yes, I realise how completely wanky that sounds – bear with me), I’ve been reading a lot about Internet memes and the ‘Internet Famous‘. We all know about the ‘Leave Britney Alone’ guy, Lolcats and notorious operators like Julia Allison and her Non-Society crew, but what if you want to PR yourself in a credible way that doesn’t involve 100% disclosure?

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