The Future of The Fashion Show – Can Luxury Brands Learn From Topshop?

I’m a little bit obsessed with the Topshop / Google+ partnership for Topshop Unique’s Autumn / Winter Show.  And I never thought I’d ever write obsessed and Google+ in the same sentence.

This video has a great summary of what they did:


I love the digital and real-world integration – Google Hangouts online to find out more about the clothes, make-up and the models and a Google+ video booth at the show.

What’s also interesting is a quote from Justin Cooke, Topshop’s CMO about this partnership – after the Facebook partnership last year this is something that is built in Topshop’s DNA – we’re going to be seeing more great stuff them in future shows:

“We already have a great reputation, it’s not like we need to change anything. It’s all about protecting that position of always being an innovator. You’ve got to keep moving. You can’t stop.”

This is something that many luxury brands would do well to keep in mind. Innovation for the sake of it is pointless, but experimentation with clear KPIs and objectives that is balanced with the ultimate goal of preserving the brand’s equity will keep brands moving forward.

What Topshop and Burberry are doing is the future of luxury and fashion marketing  – they are harnessing the behaviours of the under 25s in a interesting way.  As a luxury brand, if you’re not already doing this or developing a strategy on how these platforms and digital content can integrate into your wider strategy, you’re missing a trick.

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