Luxury & Vine – The New Video Intersection?

What Is It? A new video social network, based around 6 second videos, owned by Twitter.

According to Vine, video posts on the platform are “about abbreviation…they’re little windows into the people, settings & objects that make up your life”. In other words, as Twitter is about short & sharp text (and images to some degree) updates, Vine is about applying the same principle to video.

The thing is, what we’ve seen so far is that it’s actually quite hard to make a good 6 second video. Having a trawl through the app and on Brands on Vine, it’s clear that the results are quite mixed. Bacardi UK and Cadbury UK have both created fun films around drink and chocolate recipes, respectively. Malibu have also produced a cute video for a refreshing looking Malibu & pineapple cocktail.


What Luxury Brands & Publishers Are On The Vine Platform? 

Luxury Fashion Brands: The Armani family are using the platform as Armani, but posting vines for their sub-brands as well:  ArmaniEmporio Armani and Giorgio ArmaniVictoria Beckham and Theory are also on the platform.

Publishers: Vanity FairElle UK, GQ Fashion

Luxury Retailers: Neiman MarcusMr Porter,  Harvey NicholsNordstrom

Luxury Hotels: Beverly Wilshire Hotel


What Are Luxury Brands Doing So Far?

Quite fortuitously, Vine was released around the same time as the latest round of Autumn / Winter Fashion Weeks, which means that many luxury fashion brands & publishers are using this event as an opportunity to test and learn on the Vine platform. So far, there have been quite a few show clips, backstage sneak peeks and a few stop-motion films, which are more challenging and require someone to stop and edit the content before posting. Here’s a great stop motion film from Harvey Nicks.

A very early learning is that image quality is an issue with a lot of these clips. HD and high resolution is a must, especially for luxury brands, who pride themselves on producing rich, high quality images & videos.

Another learning is that 6 seconds is actually a lot of time, in which you can tell a short, sharp, fun story! Just look at what Dogs Trust have done (I know they’re not a luxury brand).

As ever, there are many things to consider before jumping into the platform, such as:

  • Is Vine relevant for your social & communication strategy?
  • If so, how will Vine (the platform & the content) fit into the brand’s wider social & communication strategy?
  • What is the specific strategy for Vine? Is it solely a tool to create videos or will you grow your Vine community as well?
  • What stories do you want to tell on the platform? How often will you post?
  • Where will you syndicate your Vine videos? Twitter? Facebook? Your website? To other content aggregators?

Fortunately, there are early learnings that can be taken from brands that are already experimenting with the platform.

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