Just Pin It? Pinnable Digital Display for Luxury Brands

Gucci recently ran a digital display campaign in the US, which incorporated a ‘Pin It’ button. This meant that people who saw the ad could effectively save it to a Pinterest board and then go back and visit the Gucci e-commerce site later if they wanted to.

Whether or not the campaign was effective, was besides the point in my view. The effort made it a success for a few reasons:

1. Test and learn

The digital benchmark has not been fully set in luxury advertising. It’s great to see luxury brands testing new approaches to digital advertising. They may not get it right, but the point is to iterate and learn, set internal benchmarks and incorporate what works into future campaigns.

2. Digital luxury innovation

I love the evolution of ‘saveable’ media. This was something I blogged  & tweeted about a few years ago, when I referenced a piece of research from Yahoo on digital memories, with the interesting stats that 60% of men and 66% of women sent emails to themselves to help them remember. Interestingly, there are people who were people who took photos of ads (14% of women and 23% of men) in order to remember them.

It’s fantastic to see this type of innovation coming from the luxury sector.

3. Earned media

Being a digital pioneer guarantees coverage and conversations – ask Burberry. Even if the campaign didn’t work, people are talking about what Gucci have done and they have planted the seed that they are willing to test new approaches and incorporate new technologies into their communication.

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