This Is Not A Dormant Blog…

…I’ve just been ridiculously busy. “Too busy to blog,” I hear you say? Yes, indeed.

The last six months have included:

1. Starting a new job at MEC

2. Getting my head round the above new job

3. Moving flats

4. Getting engaged

5. Travelling to China, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Portugal and Malta

6. Setting up the social practice within MEC Global Solutions

It’s been a heady, amazing, busy, challenging and worthwhile time. There’ve been a few (well, actually many) things I’ve been mulling over in the last few months, including:

1. The idea of digital etiquette in the workplace. Am I uptight, but is it appropriate for people you work with, some of whom you barely know, to add you on Facebook? Am I the only one who has a social network ‘friend structure’. For me, the structure is this:

a) Facebook equals friends and family

b) Linked In equals business acquiantances and colleagues

c) Twitter equals anyone I find interesting

d) Foursquare equals people who’ve I’ve met in real life whom I wouldn’t mind dropping in on me when I’m out and about

What do you think? What is your social network ‘friend structure’?

2. Stalker ads. I’ve advocated retargeting and behavioural retargeting of online display advertising as a solution to many of my clients, past and present, but this has come back to bite me in the ass a little in my personal online usage.

I like to have a little nose through online retailers like Net A Porter and Matches for nice bits and pieces to wear to work. Sometimes I don’t buy right away – I have a little think and look around to see if there’s anything else I’d rather buy or if I can get the same thing for a better price elsewhere.

A few months ago, I was having a little browse through the Matches site, and for some reason or another, didn’t complete my purchase. Lo and behold, for the past two months, I’ve been ‘stalked’ across the internet by behaviourally retargeted leaderboards and MPUs using Struq technology that feature the exact items I had in my shopping basket. Quite ironically, Struq’s ‘slogan’ is “showing people the ads they want to see”. Ha!

At least three times a user session, I see one of these ads and it’s too much! Please stop stalking me, Matches – it’s very poor etiquette, darling.

4 thoughts on “This Is Not A Dormant Blog…

  1. Congratulations on being engaged thats awesome! And a new job and all that travel no wonder you’ve been busy – have you set a date or are you seeing how it goes for now?

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