Barbie’s Next Career

What will Barbie be next? That’s what Mattel are asking, in a cute campaign I spotted in New York earlier this week.

She’s had over 120 different careers!  Over the years, Barbie’s been many things, including a Doctor,  an Astronaut and a Race Car Driver – quite a bit more prolific than the average 7 -10 jobs a person is supposed to have over their career.

So what was the result of the vote? Quite excitingly (or maybe the result of a rigged popular vote?!), Barbie is going to be a Computer Engineer! Oh, and a News Anchor as well- the result of the Girls vote.

Much better than the Teen Talk Barbie of ’92, which was programmed to say “Math class is tough!”

I love that Computer Engineer Barbie (her 126th career!) is going to be kitted out with a smart phone, a laptop case and a Bluetooth earpiece and her t-shirt has binary code all over it.

Hopefully this will inspire more girls to study computers, engineering and start coding away!


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