Scenes From New York

Apologies for the radio silence, but I’ve been off recharging my batteries in Miami and New York. Two weeks away, with very little internet access (other than the wi-fi I was able to steal) does not good digital connectivity make.

Anyway, I saw lots and lots of interesting things on my trip.

1. Disused storefronts and buildings used as media space.

2. A really great Google Maps / local business partnership – spotted outside the Y3 store on W13th Street.

3. Obama cupcakes from Chelsea Market.

4. An amazing plea for a tip on the bill from Cafeteria in Chelsea – 18%!  The service barely constituted a standard 15% tip… just saying.

5. The incredible elevator (that people were lining up on the coldest day of the year to take) that only goes up and down one floor and the madness in the Apple Store below.

6.  The amazing New York Bomb Squad logo. I didn’t believe this was real when I first saw it, but a quick chat with some NYPD officers verified its authenticity.

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