Beep, Beep

Some clever person said that this app is the ultimate Yuppie geek convergence, however I beg to differ. The ultimate Yuppie convergence would be a Zip Car / Ocado / Ikea mash-up that can also somehow pick up Hummingbird cupcakes along the way. But, I digress.

Zip Car have released a truly awesome app and this, alongside this recent news means my resistance to the iPhone is slowly breaking down. Come one, developers, get developing! There’s a big Blackberry app market as well!

The boyfriend and I are big fans of Zip Car, having used their service here in the UK and back in Canada. Cheap membership, no annoying rental offices, local pick-up and drop-off – what’s not to like? And with this app, their service has been taken to the next level.


You can look for cars in your local area and then narrow down by class and by make.

IMG_0509 IMG_0508

Then once you choose which car’s for you, you can reserve it there and then. That’s right. No print outs, no trips to rental offices in the middle of nowhere.


You just hit ‘Yeah, Book It!’ and you’re good to go.


Then when you’re ready to pick up the car and drive off, hit the drive button and your iPhone turns into a key fob that even beeps like a horn!


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