Le Social, C’est Chic

I’ve been involved in a fantastic IPA project with the lovely and talented John, Katy, Amelia, Faris, Neil, Mark, Jamie, Asi and Nigel, which is basically the follow-on from the aftermath of an IPA 44 Club event in January. Willsh has already summarised this nicely here.

We’ve established 10 principles of social media, written them up and will be posting them on our respective blogs next week, to kick-off the conversation and get feedback. The IPA are also putting together a blog that will pull all of this chatter together based on the way things have been tagged (or by magic as I like to think of it.)

All of this great thinking, talking and sharing will then feed into an event the IPA are putting on on 6th October, which I urge you all to attend if you can.

Be social! Have a look at each blog next week and join the conversation.

1. People not consumers – Mark Earls

2. Social agenda not business agenda – Le’Nise Brothers

3. Continuous conversation not campaigning – John V Willshire

4. Long term impacts not quick fixes – Faris Yakob

5. Marketing with people not to people – Katy Lindemann

6. Being authentic not persuasive – Neil Perkin

7. Perpetual beta – Jamie Coomber

8. Technology changes, people don’t – Amelia Torode

9. Change will never be this slow again – Graeme Wood

10. Measurement – Asi Sharabi

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