A Few Things From The Post

I love getting mail. As I’ve mentioned before, for me, there’s still no digital equivalent to the anticipation I feel whilst opening a piece of mail. No matter how obvious it is, I still think, “Ooh, I wonder what this could be?”.

I was even excited when I received this package from the Economist because the address label was written with what has to be the neatest handwriting on earth.


So when I walked into work this morning and saw this on my desk, my interest was piqued.


“A big, black cardboard tube – what on earth?,” is pretty much what I was thinking as I opened it. So you’ll imagine my disappointment, when all that was inside was a promotional poster for the FT.


Besides being a bit wasteful, I wondered what the point of the poster was. A quick reminder of the FT that I would put in the recycling bin soon after? I’m all for media owner mailouts, but the most memorable ones are things that are fun (like these gold pom poms!), a bit different or useful.

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