A Little Reality Check

whats-next2Image via the trickledown

This quote really resonates with me. Working in advertising, I’m expected to keep up to date with the latest trends and technologies and assess if they are right or indeed, relevant to any of my clients.  Time and again, I see that just because something’s the latest thing doesn’t mean it’s the right thing. Our industry is obsessed with the newest and the shiniest and constantly looking for the next big MySpace / Facebook / YouTube / Twitter, but that doesn’t mean that the Average Joe feels the same way or is actually using these things. Sometimes it’s just right to do something simple, straightforward and that can deliver the most bang for your client’s bucks. Need I remind anyone of the Second Life bandwagon?

People still watch TV (TV viewing is up y-o-y), they still read magazines and they still listen to the radio.  They’re going into the office, gossiping with their friends, having a peek at their favourite sites online, worrying about their finances, their job stability, trying to put food on the table and most of all, trying to live their lives the best they can. They’re not rushing into the next big thing. They’re adopting technologies that suit their lives and are easy for them to understand and to use.

As Shirky says, “Technology gets socially interesting,when it has become technically boring.” Although I understand that without risk, there’s no reward, but there also needs to be a more pragmatic view on what people are actually doing with their time & with their lives and how they actually behave.

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