There’s An App For That

The boyfriend and I have been away in Israel for the last week (more on that in upcoming posts) and serendipity brought us three iPhone apps that became (to varying degrees) very useful in our travels. It goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) that all of these need to become Blackberry apps soon, if they’re not already!

We’re both really busy people (and slightly lazy) who rely on technology more and more to help life go a little smoother, so the BA Flights app helped enormously to check-in in London and again in Tel Aviv. We’re both massive fans of BA and would much rather pay a little more to get comfortable seats, great service and the lovely Terminal 5 experience.

If you fly BA regularly, then this is an app for you.



In Israel, the currency is the shekel and while we were away, the exchange rate fluctuated between 6.50 to 6.25 shekels to the pound. For some reason, currency conversion has always made me go a bit cross-eyed, so it was handy to get our hands on’s iPhone app. It’s very, very easy to use – all you do is choose your currencies and then plug in the amount in the relevant currency box, hit the enter arrow and presto changeo, you get the new amount in your currency of choice.

Of course, you could always use the calculator function on your iPhone, but that wouldn’t be as fun or have the most up to date exchange rates.



And last, but definitely not least was the brand spanking new Ocado app, which we used to make sure we had a grocery delivery on the day we arrived back from Tel Aviv. I’m already a massive Ocado fan (great customer service, fantastic & easy to use website, great deals and a very wide product selection), but this app has taken my Ocado advocacy into the stratosphere. You can use their ‘instant shop’ option and put everything you order most often into your basket, you can search for new products, things you’ve bought most recently or have a browse through Ocado’s recommendations to you.

Once you’re done shopping, you can view all your items in image or text format to check everything through and then go through and pick the most convenient delivery slot.





One thought on “There’s An App For That

  1. Wow, I love that Ocados grocery idea. I wonder if they have one of those in
    Florida? How convient that would be.

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