Hello Misogyny

Spotted this Duffy / Diet Coke advert in Heat magazine today and I have to say, it knocked me for six.


The aim of this campaign is apparently to ‘represent confident young women taking a stand against the pressures of modern life’. What?

All this ad campaign says to me is that Diet Coke want to associate themselves with subversive misogyny and the idea that it’s okay for women to be a little bit mediocre, a little bit behind the curve. What a terrible message. Superman is a cultural icon and represents heroism, virtue, strength and the fight for social justice. What’s wrong with trying to do your absolute best and be a ‘super’ woman?


In an age where girls aspire to become glamour models, reality TV stars and famous being being famous, we need more role models like Paula Radcliffe and Nicola Horlick who demonstrate that you can get to the top of your profession and be a ‘super’ woman without sacrificing your feminity or womanliness. Woman like Margaret Thatcher and Michelle Obama who show that you can be a woman and make your own success, without resorting to taking your kit off for a lad’s mag or flashing your bits to the paparazzi.

What’s your interpretation of this ad?

3 thoughts on “Hello Misogyny

  1. I saw the big big poster version. And read it differently.

    My interpretation was “there’s nothing inherently different between me (Duffy) and you, so there’s no reason why you can’t accomplish your dreams like I have”.

    Not sure whether I’ve got the wrong end of the stick…

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