Keep Calm and Carry On The Iconic Imagery

Spotted this new Home Office campaign today, first at Ladbroke Grove station and then in the Metro (wasn’t actually me that was reading it, honest. I was browsing over someone’s shoulder!).



At first glance, the copy looks sinister enough to make you do a double take.


However, this campaign is evidently highlighting the launch of a Policing Pledge,  a new set of promises from the police on the service they should give you – to listen to any issues about crime and to keep the public informed of action taken and progress made on crime in local areas. Surely this should be happening already?

Interesting that they should use the iconic ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ template to announce this initiative.


Check out more iterations of this image here and here.

2 thoughts on “Keep Calm and Carry On The Iconic Imagery

  1. I love these posters.

    If you like this sorta stuff, check out the whole British Sea Power aesthetic too. Now there’s some hoopy froods who really know where their towels are…

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