Big Ears Make For Good Listening

I’m in the middle of a pretty intensive hunt for a new flat to rent. We’ve handed in our notice and despite having four weeks left until our move-out date, I’ve been approaching the move with a serious sense of urgency. There have been Excel spreadsheets created, people. Serious stuff.

My search has been focused online in the first instance (I’m saving the schlepping around to estate agent offices until Saturday) and I’ve been using all of the big property aggregator sites in my zeal to find the best modern, not too dark, no carpet in bathroom, recently renovated one bed / very large studio in Notting Hill / Holland Park. Even though Prime Location has been my go-to site in my last few moves, I stumbled across Globrix on the weekend and it took my search to another level.

I’ve only tweeted a tiny bit about the flat hunt – reading my twitterstream, you’d think I was much more obsessed with Michael Jackson! But evidently, someone at Right Move has been listening. After I posted this tweet on Sunday about Globrix, I received a reply from Right Move bright and breezy on yesterday morning.


So I clicked on the link and got taken to a lovely little property search widget.



Thanks for listening, Right Move.  You reached out to me at the right point in the property search cycle and gave me something relevant, useful and easy to share. And you led me to what I needed  – I’m making an offer on a flat tomorrow!

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