Geek To Geek

This dubious Google Content Network ad popped up when I was browsing through my Slashdot RSS feed.


What’s better – Star Trek Fragrances or the copy, ‘A geek you can love is nearby.’? Of course, curiosity got the better of me and I clicked the link.

It’s all very sweet, isn’t it? The title bar copy reads ‘Geek 2 Geek – where it’s ok to be who you really are’. They even have a site for seniors and for bigger folk. 


4 thoughts on “Geek To Geek

  1. So, what’s the problem? I think it’s a great idea. A dating site for geeks. Where else can geeks go to find like-minded people to date? Bars? I don’t think so.

  2. LOL I found another Don Brooks comment.
    He is the owner of gk2gk, Spencer Koppel.
    He really isn’t a very clever geek. He trolled my review (not favorable) of gk2gk after my credit card was charged again after I had cancelled my membership. So I googled Don Brooks and it links directly to him . So do the names donnybrook89, william zader, bill zader, todd fuhs and several others. what a TROLL.

    As for my honest review of the site:
    I felt it was a bait and switch with regards to the free membership. You have no real access to other users until you agree to shell out the quid. That information isn’t really sprung on you until you have already filled out the membership.
    Frustrating at best.

    Go ahead “Don Brooks” Troll me again. I’ll out you every time.


  3. The site is a definite scam and the owners (excluding Spencer Koppel’s alter-egos/imaginary friends/whatever) seem to think it’s perfectly alright to do things the way they do. The funniest part is how they think they’re all so sly about it too.

    I would not recommend this site to anyone. The likelihood of me returning to this site (random google search) is very slim so to any potential Gk2Gk staff who plan on replying to me with your pseudo-wit: fuck you.

    On a happier note I did find someone worth contacting (for free) on gk2gk and we’re going on our first date tonight. Oh, you thought you were the only ones with tricks?

    — Jake

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