Noli Sinere Te Ab Improbis Opprimi

It’s funny how one little comment (in this case, from an online troll or keyboard warrior, as Will refers to them) can make you stumble and throw you off your stride.

Unhappily, that’s what’s happened to me this past week. A vicious combination of blog comments (thankfully filtered through comment moderation) and emails, made me question myself, my motivation for blogging and even whether or not I was a good writer.  Consequently, I’ve been doing a fair amount of soul searching.  Thoughts like “Should I really be putting myself out there in the public domain?”, “What right do I have to share my opinion?” and “Who really gives a shit what I have to say?” were swirling around in my head. All in all, a fair bit of internal emotional drama, considering I felt that I was really starting to come into my own and get the hang of this old blogging lark.

And then I put out a little SOS to the Twitter community and got the most wonderful and reassuring response back. They not only made me smile, but made me realise that as George put it, “I’m stronger than that”.  It’s easy to let what other people think drive what you do and your opinion of yourself and it takes a lot of strength to shut out all the noise and just focus on what you think of yourself, because ultimately that’s what matters. Hell,  I’ve a lot of crazy and challenging stuff in my lifetime – leaving home when I was 15, moving to Japan on my own, climbing Mt. Fuji, being functionally homeless for a while, being married and divorced by 28, setting up a digital department within in a media agency and so and so forth, so I can call this my little blip.

Thanks to Amelia, George, Graeme, Simon, Catherine, Graeme, Mark, Neil, Dan, Andrea and Mat for the kind words and for reminding me that I genuinely love blogging and writing and that this is truly a community that supports each other.

Noli sinere te ab improbis opprimi.


4 thoughts on “Noli Sinere Te Ab Improbis Opprimi

  1. Lenise – There are ignorant and mean people in the real world that we live in, there are ignorant and mean people in the virtual world that inhabit too. I am so sorry that you felt under attack by what I assume were anonymous emails and blog comments. It does happen, and being totally honest I am amazed that I haven’t had to deal with it during my years as a blogger (saying that it will probably start now!) I always wondered about how I would react. I would probably be mortified and start asking myself all the same questions that you obviously asked yourself. But that is wrong. Its not you, it’s them. If you can put the stuff out of your mind (easier said than done I know) and just carry on your life, and carry on blogging and tweeting.

    You are surrounded by friends and support and don’t forget that.

    PS. There aren’t many Lady Bloggers out there, so it would be a shame if you stopped!


  2. Hi Le’Nise,

    I have only just picked up on this situation toward the end… so don’t know what was said or who said it but here is my two pence worth:


    I think this as do many of the other industry peeps who have sent messages of support.

    We don’t know each other, we haven’t ever met (though that is soon to change) but I have heard your name mentioned on numerous occassions POSITIVELY by colleagues and friends alike.

    I would encourage you to read a short post by Jonathan MacDonald of Ogilvy about The Anti Negativity Machine –

    Remember the compliments, forget the insults and keep leading a very interesting part of a most impressive agency.


  3. Don’t let the bastards grind you down. You write for an audience, yes – but blogging is more about expressing yourself. They can’t stop that.

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