This is very dangerously close to becoming a photo blog. Getting a Blackberry Bold with a fairly decent camera means that I’ve been more active in taking photos of interesting things I see. Like this. 


Charlie walked into work this morning and I thought he’d picked up a smoking habit over the weekend – fancy foreign cigarettes, to boot. Thankfully, he hadn’t become a smoker, but was holding one of these little beauties that Tank Magazine produced after the smoking ban in 2007.




And they are really lovely and unexpected. Complete with foil wrapper and embossing, this is definitely one of the most interesting ways I’ve seen of getting folks to appreciate classic ‘breathtaking’ novels and fits in with my thinking about the power of authentic, tangible things in an increasingly ephemeral, digitally focused world.


One thought on “Breathtaking

  1. They stock a couple of editions at the Design Museum shop. I almost came out with a Kafka, but something shinier caught my eye. It’s a great little shop (albeit pricey)

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