What’s Your Daily Routine?

No, don’t worry, I’m not going to start stalking you. I’ve just stumbled upon Daily Routines, a wonderful, more cerebral, more literary version of US Magazine’s ‘Stars…They’re Just Like Us’ section. 

Once people leave full-time education and go into work, the most common complaint seems to be about following a schedule – getting up at the same time, getting into work at the same time, lunch at the same time, leaving work at about the same time. Looking around at the same faces during my morning tube commute, some people seem crushed by this. Holiday and travel ads try to exploit this feeling with themes of escape and freedom and it’s fascinating to watch a commuter take in one of these ads during their daily journey. 

But even the famous are bound by some order to their lives. It goes without saying that famous left-brain dominated folks follow a routine, but I also find it interesting and quite comforting that even the most creative people are bound by a routine to get their mental juices flowing, which counters the celluloid image of artists and creatives living a chaotic, shambolic life. 

Visionaries like Le Corbusier had a strict routine that helped guide his creativity and gave him “a period of concentration during which his imagination, catalyzed by the activity of painting, could probe most deeply into his subconscious.”

Daily Routines is well worth a look – check it out here.

One thought on “What’s Your Daily Routine?

  1. It was different when I had a job, but here’s mine now http://unemployeddad.com/?p=153

    I read that author Stephen King, who was amazingly prolific in his prime, spent mornings working on existing projects, afternoons working on developing new projects, and evenings with this family, which I thought was a nice schedule.

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