Potato Is Spelt Ghoughphtheightteeau

Fantastic new campaign from the Times with great use of Tube car panels & 48-sheets.

 I was so engrossed in this ad on a tube journey last week, I missed my stop!

Spelling Bee Execution



3 thoughts on “Potato Is Spelt Ghoughphtheightteeau

  1. It’s a great example of a brand thinking ‘someone’s really bored for ten minutes… let’s cheer them up at least’.

    “Entertainment” is one of the four key things advertising can do nowadays, the other three being “Usefulness”, “Education” and “Connectivity” *

    The age of Advertising being about “information” is dying. We get our information from the internet, and from our friends. So if advertising isn’t about information, it has to be about something else. Or it’s just a waste of peoples’ time.

    * Started by Emily Bell @ The Guardian, advanced by Ed Cotton @ Influx Insights, illustrated in a childlike manner by me here:


  2. @ john
    ‘…Or it’s just a waste of peoples’ time.’

    i’d be rather annoyed if that interruption stopped me from doing what i wanted to do. ie get off the tube. surely that is wasting my time. 😉

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