The Joy of Post

There are folks out there who would argue the case for 100% digital. Digital everything, 24-7.  

Despite being passionate about digital technology,  I think there’s still something in the tangible. Matter know this and have put together an innovative DM comms package that’s very different to anything else in that sector. None of the samples in the last one really took my fancy – but a lot of people out there to have relatively positive things to say about it.

I’ve mentioned in previous posts about the huge volume of emails I get everyday, so seeing a new email pop up in my inbox doesn’t really rock my world as much as it used to. But when our team PA comes around with the mail (or post, for UK language pedants), I get a little bit excited when she drops something (even Media Week) onto my desk.

So when I arrived home this evening, a big FedEx parcel from the good old US of A awaited me – you can just imagine my glee! In the time I’ve lived abroad, I’ve spent a fair bit of time whinging to my mother about her never sending me parcels. In the passing years, I’ve become resigned to the fact that for my birthday, I won’t receive a nice gift in the mail – I’ll more than likely get a wire transfer of cash into my bank account. It’s the thought that counts, right?

This lack of parcel love made today’s package even more of a surprise and a delight. My mother emails me all the time, but seeing her handwriting in the card she includes made even more homesick than an email ever could.


The Joy of Sex? Oh no. More like The Joy of Post!

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