My Year In Numbers

I love lists. And I love all the year in review / new year in preview lists that seem to fill all  the newspapers and magazines this time of year. The year-end wouldn’t really be a year-end without a comprehensive ‘year in numbers’ summary. This has been such a fantastically weird and crazy year for me and this seems like a fitting way (alongside a good old knees up on New Year’s Eve) to put it to bed. 

Countries visited: 9 (Canada, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, France, Malta, Czech Republic and Ireland)

Stamps in my passport: 32

New UK visas: 1

Flats lived in: 2 

Blogs started: 1 

Blog posts: 51

Blog comments:  57

Tweets: 570 (and counting!) 

Awards: 1 

Unread emails: 5104

Injuries: 2 (Ankle sprains)

Pizza Express visits: 12 (At this rate, I’ll cover all of the Pizza Express locations in Central London and then some!)

Cabs taken: 70

DVDs bought: 25

Therapy sessions: 4

Books read: 60

Festivals: 3 

May 2009 be as interesting, but maybe not so challenging as 2008. Thanks for reading, y’all, have a wonderful New Year’s and I’ll see you on the other side!

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