Hello Media Owners, Please Do Your Research

frustration Everyday I wade through at least 250 emails, 20 phone calls and  many, many meetings, some scheduled, some impromptu.  About half of the calls I get are sales calls soliciting business. I’m  happy to take your calls, but there are a couple of basic things  that any good media owner should be doing. 

    1. Do some basic research. 

 Know what accounts we look after and at least have a basic idea  of what we’ve been doing on these accounts recently. A quick  run on Extreme, Addynamix or a similar competitive research  tool should bring up some good information and a look in one  of the many agency directories should bring up account & client  information. 

   2. Don’t expect a meeting to go through something you can  email me or tell me on the phone. 

 I have a mate whose boss schedules her time in ten minute windows. Yep, she’s that busy. I’m not nearly that busy or important, but I do guard my working time quite jealously. 

  3. When we do meet, don’t just present your well-tread sales presentation. 

If you’ve done your research, then you’ll know what accounts my team and I look after and if you’re worth your salt, you won’t come to a meeting just to talk about standard inventory and the great rates you can sell at – that’s stuff you can talk through on the phone.  Media owners have a lot of excellent research and many exciting opportunities to share – take us through this. Tell us the new things you’re up to and the potential they have for our clients. 

  4. Understand the strategy and try to get a sense of the bigger picture. 

This is a major pet peeve of mine. Just as we know that there’s more to marketing than media planning & buying, please understand that there’s more to the Internet than your website. Have a chat with us, ask us about the client’s strategy and build a response from there. If your site doesn’t fit into the strategy, we won’t use you, no matter how much you argue that your site’s demographic is perfect for our client’s business. There’s more to planning than demographic targeting. 

  5. It takes time to build a relationship. 

Just because we’ve met once and had a good chat, doesn’t mean that you can add me on Facebook and call me mate and babe when we chat on the phone. 

   6. Please don’t harass me and my team. 

If we’ve said we’ll get back to you, we will – we’re good like that. We don’t need weekly calls and emails asking if we have any new briefs. If we did, we’d have already sent something over to you. 

Get these basics right and I’m sure we’ll have a fabulous, long-lasting relationship.


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