What’s The Digital Equivalent Of A Jingle?

Please don’t say ‘dingle’. This is a question I’ve been pondering for a while and reading this post kickstarted some thoughts.  

Seriously though, what is the digital equivalent of a jingle? The jingles from my childhood still stick in my head and when I heard them used again in TV & radio ads when I was back in Toronto, they had the same resonance. So while Scamp suggests that “while you & I may remember tons of jingles and slogans from our childhood, the adults of tomorrow won’t. What sticks in their heads is more likely to be the visual extravaganzas of Cog, Balls and Gorilla,” I don’t think this is true. A short piece of music with catchy lyrics has the power to connect on an emotional and rational level. Take this example for Canadian pizza chain, Pizza Pizza 967-1111, this one for Fabricland and the still ubiquitous Sleep Country Canada jingle. 

The ultimate power of all of these jingles were that they hardwired the brand into consumers’ minds through sheer repetition. It’s simple, but it works. 

Art and creative directors seem to believe there’s a certain absurdity to the jingle and that it’s no longer relevant to today’s audience. I think they’re missing a serious trick. It often takes something very simple to connect consumers and I think we as an industry often get wrapped up in the idea of bigger and better when Occam’s razor would often do.  But I digress.

Does anything online have the same emotional resonance on a mass level as a jingle? Certainly digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace have captured imaginations on a grand scale but is there an advertising related equivalent? 

Are there three digital equivalents to jingles?

  1. Brand related meme (ie. Elf Yourself)
  2. Avatars (ie. the dog or paperclip avatars in Microsoft Word)
  3. Branded utility (ie. NikeID, Talk To Frank Messenger Bot)

But I still don’t feel satisfied with this and I suppose that this isn’t a question that automatically generates a simple yes / no, black / white answer. 

Would love to hear thoughts on this.

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