Miss Pseudo Digital

Having moved into a new flat about two weeks ago, I’m broadbandless as I wait for Virgin Media to connect up our flat. Three weeks, they said, then they’ll be able to come round and connect us up. Three weeks… even though the guy who lived there before us had Virgin broadband, phone, TV and everything else that we want.  Anyway, I digress…

It’s bizarre having no Internet at home. Of course I have my Blackberry and mobile so I can always go online via those platforms, but there’s nothing like spending a few hours having a good old mooch online on my laptop.  I got used to being super on top of the news, all of my RSS feeds and most importantly, my blog.  Now I’ve gone from being Miss Digital to Miss Pseudo Digital, I’m feeling out of the loop and have been reduced to furtive postings while I’m at work (and on the weekend, no less!)

So apologies for the infrequent posting of late – but I’ll be back in full effect in a week’s time. Watch out!


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