There’s A Storm A Comin’

I’ve never been more excited about a phone than I’ve been about the Blackberry Storm. I’m not a fan of the iPhone and I already have a Touch that was gifted to me. Vodafone have the phone exclusively in the UK and I now have to make a tough decision on whether or not I leave Orange or stay with them and get the Blackberry Bold (as that’s the highest Blackberry upgrade I can get with them). 



I’ve been with Orange since 2003 and I’ve become a bit of a fangirl. I spend a lot on my phone every month, through lazy international phone calls, so Orange have deemed me a premium customer. Now I can upgrade every six months, get money automatically off my bill and Orange are lenient when I forget to pay my phone bill. Being cynical, I know it’s in their interest to keep me happy, but I also genuinely like their customer service. 


But then there’s the question of the Blackberry Storm (known as the Thunder in the US) itself. What a great phone. Touchscreen, integrated messaging, global capabilities, 3.2 megapixel camera, 1GB of memory, an 8GB flash card and what looks like a really cool web browsing experience.  



And it’s only available on Vodafone in the UK.  

Some tough choices ahead for me.

2 thoughts on “There’s A Storm A Comin’

  1. The thing that bugs me about the iPhone is mainly the camera. I use my Viewty camera a LOT. I’m not going back to 2Mp, I may as well draw the picture myself, from memory, with crayons…

  2. I agree – the camera on the iPhone is rubbish. No zoom, bad quality, no video capabilities and I could go on. If I were to even consider getting an iPhone, I would need to see major changes in the camera functionality first.

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