I’ll Take A Teeth Cleaning and Steak Frites, Please

After some hard graft this morning, I decided to go have a quick lunch at a restaurant close to where I’m working at the moment. I was planning on ordering a quick sandwich and then heading off. That was until I was confronted with the menu.



As you can see, it was not just a menu, it was a food catalogue. So I started turning the pages of the food catalogue to see what I wanted to eat. Turning past the drinks section, I saw ad number one – for a gym.



I thought it was a bit weird, but kept turning the pages. Then I saw the ad number two – for a wine manufacturer.  I immediately thought – ‘Ooh maybe that’s a conflict of interest, but maybe that’s the way they do things over here’. Ad space in exchange for cheaper bulk wine deals?



But then it got weirder. I flipped over to the entrees section of the menu and saw ad number three and the weirdest one yet – and keep in mind that I was ready to order a nice portion of nachos or something equally calorific.



So it looks like the owner of the restaurant has not only asked her favourite wine company and gym to advertise, she’s also seen fit to include a personal photo endorsement of her favourite weight loss program. Bizarre.

The icing on the cake was ad number four. I’ve seen some bad media planning in my time, but this placement is really something special.



Obama For iPhone

More Obama campaign digital coolness, from the candidate who not only knows how to use the Internet, but also has an iPhone. What’s exciting about this is that unlike the Facebook app, this iPhone app hasn’t been developed by the Obama campaign, but by Obama fanboys and girls.

Knowing the amount of time that a good iPhone app takes to develop, it’s really interesting to see that the Obama app has taken full advantage of the phone’s technology with some pretty exciting functionality.

  • Call Friends – your mates are prioritised by key battleground states
  • Call Stats – adds an interesting competitive element so you can see how your campaigning compares to others
  • Get Involved – Find your local Obama HQ and have the ability to call / email them immediately
  • Get Updates – pushed to your phone via SMS or email
  • Local Events – use Google maps to find local events and directions and send them to your mates

Americans and non-Americans alike have developed a passion for politics and indeed change, that hasn’t been seen for a long time and applications like this one are the proof that Obamaniacs will do whatever they can to get their friends, family and colleagues registered to vote and on Obama’s side.

Thanks to Mark for the tip!