I’m A PC and I Like It…

I like the new Microsoft advert – it’s the perfect antidote to the very twee, stereotype endorsing Apple ads. And much better than the decidedly annoying Seinfeld / Gates adverts. What do you think?


2 thoughts on “I’m A PC and I Like It…

  1. yeah I really like that – I was thinking yesterday that the previous two ads seem to make the whole microsoft thing more confusing but maybe that was the point – they get our attention with these first couple of ‘random’ ads and then hit us with this which is really nice and actually really does seem to diffuse the I’m a Mac I’m a PC ads – in fact I think it makes Apple look really childish

  2. I like the ad . Simple and clear is the way to go. I still belive though that Microsoft could do better if they tried . Having a limitless budget ( see Seindfelds 10kk $ ) does not guarantee success if you have a bad ideea and a very blury view of were you are and wish to go.

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