I’ll Have 400 Ratings And A Side Of Fries, Please

Considering how fragmented the media landscape has become, it amazes me when I see planners still trying to sell in schedules where the majority of media spend is concentrated in TV. Time and again, I hear the same worn arguments for this approach – “This is the only way we’ll achieve frequency and recall”, “A 40″ TVC will achieve good cutthrough and get our audience talking”, “The client only understands TV and press so we have to give them the plan they want”. 

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90210 to Go

A new mobile campaign to publicise the new look 90210 in the States has just launched. This is intriguing from a couple of perspectives – it’s still very rare in the UK to see $50,000 spends on mobile campaigns. Clients here are still hugely risk-adverse when it comes to any form of digital advertising and for the most part are still waiting to see other brands jump off the cliff first, so a lot of time needs to spent with them, selling it in. In 2008, it’s interesting to see that even a free trial of extremely targeted one to one advertising  (thanks, Blyk!) is still not enough to change their minds. 

From the looks of it, this 90210 campaign was quite smart – they’ve recognised the value of fully integrating in environments that their young adult target audience are regularly active in. And at only $50,000, this is a really cheap campaign tightly targeting the 13- 28 year old audience who is most likely to watch the show. The show’s website has taken this a step further allowing their audience to buy songs featured on their show through iTunes, hook up with the show on Last.fm and Facebook and hang out in a somewhat clunky virtual Beverly Hills. 

Despite being a huge fan of the original show and doubting how good this new show is going to be, this campaign has definitely made me want to give it a little look in. 


(Thanks to Media Planner Buyer daily for the tip!)