The future is indeed bright

This is a great way of visually communicating the massive changes in the way the generations communicate and demonstrates how important age is when putting together a communications plan.

How Baby Boomers (45-65 year old Adults with UK marketing speak) communicated:

The Baby Boomer Way of Communication

The Baby Boomer Way of Communication

How Generation X (29 -44 year old Adults in UK marketing speak) communicated:

Generation X Communication

Generation X Communication

Beepers! They seem so archaic now, especially in comparison with the latest version of the Blackberry – be still, my beating heart.

How Generation Y communicates (16 – 28 year old Adults in UK marketing speak):

How Generation Y Communicates

How Generation Y Communicates

It’s absolutely insane to think about how quickly Western society’s mass communication model has changed and how quickly it will change over in the future. This images is already ever so slightly out of date, as it doesn’t include microblogging communication tools like Twitter, and Friend Feed. The future’s definitely bright!

Thanks to The Marketing Student for the images.


3 thoughts on “The future is indeed bright

  1. Glad you enjoyed the images!
    I was very close to including Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr etc, but realistically, only really tech-savvy people use them. In any generation. Really cool tools, but they simpliy haven’t reached critical mass yet. Maybe Gen Z?

  2. Totally agree that they haven’t reached critical mass yet, but the proliferation of PDA- type devices mean that these tools will come to the forefront a lot faster than the likes of Facebook, etc because the education job that needed to be done with teaching consumers how to use social networks and IM has already been done. It seems that now it’s a case of letting these tools drip down from the early adopters – and it’s happening faster that you’d think!

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