Me As A Brand

I recently had my yearly appraisal and while not a hugely exciting event, one of the many objectives I was given really got me thinking. After being told I needed to raise my external profile but not really given any direction on how to do this, I spent a lot of time pondering and looking out for people that were doing it well both in the UK and internationally.

The usual suspects were on the list I pulled together (Russell Davies, Iain Tait, Charles Frith and Amelia Torode, amongst many others), but one thing that really struck me about their writing was that they weren’t afraid to speak their minds and give their opinion about anything and everything that interested them, even if it wasn’t strictly related to media, communications or advertising.  Some people might call this link baiting, but I personally call this smart branding. People get hired on the basis of previous work, but more often than not, in senior level positions, they get hired based on how prolific they’ve been in spreading their opinions and speaking their minds.

So I did this and added blogging onto my list of things to do to increase my personal branding and industry profile. Chris Brogan has pulled together a great list of tactics to social media to increase personal branding – some of my favourites include:

  • Don’t forget the conversations hiding in Twitter (use and Friendfeed. Be sure to stay aware of those
  • Use heat map tools like CrazyEgg to see how people relate to your site
  • Your “About” page should be about you AND your business, should the blog be professional in nature. At least, it should be about you
  • Load time is key. Test your blog when you make changes, and ensure your load times are reasonable
  • Create new content regularly. If not daily, then at least three times a week

Check out the full list here and check back regularly to see my progress!

4 thoughts on “Me As A Brand

  1. Thank you for the blog “shout-out”, really glad that you enjoy the stuff that interests me.

    Years ago Fast Company published a seminal piece called The Brand Called Me. It was all about being the CEO of your own “brand”

    It was years ago but there is some good stuff in there.

    Personally I don’t really think of myself as “managing” my brand, It might just be that I genuinely enjoy finding interesting stuff, sharing thoughts and getting other people’s views.

    I hope that if you write about what you find interesting, other people will too.

    I love the fact that through the web I feel more connected to the advertising/digital/comms world than I have ever done before.

    Anyway, good luck and let us know how it goes!

  2. Great link – The article is really interesting and has given me a lot of food for thought. I agree that the web and more recently, Facebook, Twitter and now blogging, has connected me with people I admire and can learn from.

    Thanks for taking the time for visit!

  3. A lot of the people that I work with have built themselves a brand from their blogging efforts. It works in our line of work (IT) because there are not a massive amount of people putting stuff out there so you do stand out a bit if you are.

    Speaking of people who always speak their minds on things and linking to loads of interesting stuff, Penelope Trunk is my favourite ( She doesn’t blog so much recently but used to post almost every day pulling together articles from all over the web and throwing her opinions out there.

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