I heart Muxtape

Remember these bad boys?

Remember these bad boys?

I’ve just discovered Muxtape through the Twitterati and even through I’m still having a play around with it, so far, so cool.

I remember making mix tapes when I was growing up, swapping them with my friends and even listening to the mixtapes my dad used to make from all of his old 70s albums. I used stick the tapes into the machine without looking at the track listings and get this really giddy feeling of ‘ooh, I wonder what’s going to be next’.

The first time I heard many of my favourites was on mixtapes.  Artists like Marvin Gaye, Funkadelic, Billie Holiday, The Charlatans and Jeff Buckley were all introduced to me through mixtapes.

Even though it’s not entirely the same lo-fi experience, I reckon Muxtape could be quite big.

Check out my channel here: http://lenise.muxtape.com/


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